Agatha Christie Quiz

Az áprilisi vetélkedőn való részvételhez a csapatoknak előzetesen válaszolniuk kell az alábbi kérdésekre:

Round One

1. What was Agatha Christie’s pen name for her six romances?
2. How did she get a good knowledge of poisons, which features in many of her novels?
3. One of her novels became the best-selling book of all time. Which one?
4. Which one of her mystery plays holds the world record for the longest initial run?
5. What sort of “special ability” did her mother have?
6. Why did she form her famous character Hercule Poirot as a Belgian refugee?
7. Which one of her detectives did she prefer, Poirot or Miss Marple?
8. Christie disappeared in 1926. Where was she found?
9. How did her second husband’s, Max Mallowan’s job influence her writings?
10. When did she write her famous novel: Murder on the Orient Express?